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Well, it’s a new year, and what new year would it be, if I didn’t get to take some photos of some of my favorite people? A couple friends of mine and I decided to do an impromptu photo shoot at the new years eve party we threw. Here’s the story we laid out:

Jesse and Andy are hanging out at this very tiny bar:
They’re having a good time, laughing it up:


Then, things turn serious:


Jesse, having won the fight, looks smug with this glasses and pipe. The glasses are a trophy from the fight, thus why they weren’t in any other photographs…



Anyway, hope everyone is having a good 2013 so far. I know mine is full of twists and turns! I have my thesis show approaching quickly! If you want to mark your calendars for April 5th to be here in Tulsa for my show, that’d be great.
thanks for reading,

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Man, it’s been way too long since I have updated this blog. I wanted to update you guys on what I’ve been up to over here in the cool new studio. So I’m going to make this a catch all update.

While I was working on my thesis (Mother Road Revisited) I actually went back to my roots for a bit, and did this night photo of the Shasta Camper I traveled with.


I feel like I have a pretty good handle on light temperatures and how I want my night photography to go from here on out, I just have to find a project so to shoot at night again. I really do miss it.


A couple weeks later I shot a wedding in New Mexico, and then school started quite quickly. I ended up doing a photo shoot of a couple of my friends messing around with water guns in Dallas. Another night photo situation, I wish I had more reasons to be shooting with such a short shutter speed more often.



While I was in Texas, I ended up doing a photo shoot for a friend who is also in his thesis year at a school in London, England. He is studying acting, and his thesis revolves around RipVanWinkle. Because of this, he wanted to see if I could get his character in an environment that would illustrate Rip’s world. My dad has a green house that is being over grown by plants…and I thought it was perfect.



Once school had been going strong for a bit, I was hired to photograph a metal working shop for a brochure they were putting together to show the items they could make, and their machines..here is a product shot I did for that:Image


I had to go back up to St.Louis to rephotograph a couple things for my thesis, and ran into a friend from high school. We decided to go look at the chain of rocks bridge, it was pretty neat, and it is on Route 66. ImageImage


This year at my undergrad, the art department decided to do an alumni show, and I was asked to participate..So I put this photo of the batmen kids I photographed at a garage sale a friend of mine and I stumbled upon.


photo of gallery courtesy of Todd Goehner


In October I went to Washington D.C. to talk to George Mason University about my thesis project. I spoke for an hour about pulling together all the resources I needed, and how one would do all of the work I did in the length I did it, and still want to make art…Image


I think the talk went very well, and the audience asked a lot of really great questions. I got to see DC for the first time, and really enjoyed spending a couple hours a day on the subway. Image

And obviously, I have been working very hard on my thesis, I finally have a working light box, which you can see in a video here. I got a friend to illustrate a 4ft x 8ft map, which we actually have mostly finished…

I still need to add a frame and some feet on the bottom of the map, but over all I think it’s done. The frame will do a lot for it.

I asked a friend to cut together some pieces of video for a research video competition I was entering my Mother Road Revisited project in and I just found out I won the contest! The first prize is 1000 dollars to put towards your research. So I’m excited about putting that towards my thesis. (see the video that won here)

If you want to stay in the loop about my Mother Road Revisited project, jump on over to the website and take a look at the blog.

Anyway, That’s an update on my current situation…thanks for reading, and I’ll work on updating a little more consistently.

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Well, usually, I try to keep the Mother Road Revisited stuff, and even my wedding photography separate from my personal blog or website. But, this particular story kind of applies to all the avenues of my life. Good friends of mine recently got married, and they asked me to photograph their wedding. Not only was their wedding on Route 66 (Gallup, NM), but it also was more like a photo shoot that happened to include a wedding. We did a whole 3-4 hour photo shoot the day before the wedding, and then still had more photos to make on the day of the wedding. It was the most prop based wedding I have ever photographed. And I had a blast. We ended up photographing the best man as a Snidley Whiplash character, kidnapping the bride and the groom saving the day. Anyway, enough talking about the photos. Why not take a look?

A Short Story from the Minds of the Armstrong Brothers

So,  those are a sampling of photos we took the day before the wedding. Here is a sampling of images we made the day of the wedding.

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Hey guys! Man, it’s been a crazy summer, and I am finally able to sit down and write a new post on my personal blog. As you may know, I spent the summer rephotographing Route 66, for my thesis project entitled Mother Road Revisited (if you haven’t gotten to look at the website, check it out). Anyway, in other news, I bought a 6 x 9 letterpress, more on that in my next post. But, a few weeks before I left for my adventure down Route 66, we moved into our new studios in downtown Tulsa. I took some photos before my semester critiques (which is when my studio is it’s cleanest.) So I thought I’d post them:


This is shot from where I placed my desk. My studio is the only one with a brick wall like this. Our building is a refurbished building that is required to have some of the original structure in it. Thus, this brick wall, but I love it. I also have North facing windows, so I have beautiful light at all times, except at night, obviously.


This is shot from where the couch is, all of the studios have these great sinks, I can actually do some version of a darkroom with this sink. I have been working with gum bichromate a lot lately, which is a water based process, so the sink is perfect for it. You can see at the end of the room, on the wall the beginnings of my ‘Alter Ego’ project, those two images star two of my favorite models, Kyle Blair and Sean Terska.


I started messing with the idea of screenprinting illustrations over my photography, so I came up with this collaboration with Jeremiah Christie, from Hovertank Diaries and John Spriggs, from Jeb Kennedy. Jeremiah wrote stories about each photo, while John did illustrations about the stories. The stories are printed on a Japanese paper behind the photo, while the illustration is screen printed on top of the photo. I then waxed the photos, so they became more translucent. They don’t photograph all that well, you can kind of see the words behind the photo on the bottle image in the top right. But I would like to back light them at some point.


You can see here the gum bichromates I’ve been doing. Some of them are actual prints from the darkroom, while others are scanned prints and then digitally printed on Japanese paper…mostly just messing around with my options right now.


This is the wall that is mostly about my Route 66 project. These maps show the route I would took in June from Chicago to LA, with the cities circled that I have postcards for along the way.

Anyway, there’s the studio, and a look into what I have been working on in the last year. Hopefully it will all look a little more complete come April.

Talk to you soon,

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So, four days after I finished Route 66 I hopped on the road for Vermillion, SD for Frogman’s printmaking conference. The conference consists of about 150 printmakers, ranging from undergrad students to well versed professionals. Each class is taught by someone in a specific field of printmaking. I am taking a class in digital printmaking. My class is taught by Lanore Thomas (from Satan’s Camero) and Jason Ruhl (from Scavengers). Their work is a great marriage of digital and traditional printmaking. I have a learned a lot from them.

The other grad students that go to University of Tulsa are taking a class in 3-D Relief Printing and performance art. Their class is taught by a guy named Dennis McNett (from WolfBat Studios). His work is mostly relief prints, and revolves around specific animals that have different meanings to him. The class built their own animal masks out of cardboard and masking tape, which were then covered with relief prints from the class (which were mostly woodcuts). The creature they built in the end, was then filled with fireworks, and lit on fire at a cook-out we had tonight. These are the photos of the demise of said structure.

If you want to see more photos, please go to my flickr. (such as the making of of the creature and/or masks)


If you haven’t checked out the videos we shot while out on the route, check them out here.



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Today I launched the website for my project entitled Mother Road Revisited: Then & Now. I leave to photograph the route in exactly a week. So if you’re interested in how the whole project is going, head on over to the website: www.motherroadrevisited.com

There is also a facebook page. and a Twitter.

Anyway, it’s a short post, but I’m alright with that.

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The past week or so I have been attending the Palm Springs Photo Festival which takes place in Palm Springs, California (not Florida). The conference is always a place of inspiration and community. We hear from all types of photographer from journalists to fine art. I had the opportunity to take a workshop with Shelby Lee Adams on blending and shaping light. He is a great teacher and I really enjoyed spending time with him and the other students in the class. We were able to shoot on location with 2 models on Tuesday and Wednesday. The first location was a “seedy” hotel,  and a biker bar. Here are some images I made during those shoots.


As you can see I used a wide angle on a lot of these, mostly because I thought it would be best if I practiced something I didn’t usually have the means to practice. So, I went with it. I tried to stick with super wide all the time, unless I just couldn’t pass up a good 50mm shot. Our models were really great, and easy to work with.

Other than working with models I met a bunch of really great photographers, and got critique from people like Mary Virginia Swanson, Steven Kasher, Chris Pichler (Nazraeli Press) and Karen Sinsheimer (Santa Barbra Museum of Art). The critiques went very well, and I am excited about the ball that is perpetually rolling forward on my Mother Road Revisited project.

Finally, at the evening presentations I had the opportunity to listen to Gerd Ludwig talk about “The Long Shadow of Chernobyl” project and Ron Haviv on his career as a journalist and Nigel Perry enlightened us on how to become a celebrity photographer (he assured us that basically you have to be a good con-artist). All in all, as usual, the week was mind blowing and enriching. If you ever have the opportunity to join all of us at the Palm Springs Photo Festival, I say do it. No matter what.

Anyway, as always, thanks for reading, and be sure to check out the Mother Road Revisited project. It’s really getting some speed.


P.S. check out my new friend Jeff Frost’s timelaps photography called “Flawed Symmetry of Prediction” it’s pretty mind blowing.

P.P.S if you’re more into alternative process like wet plate collodion, check this out: http://vimeo.com/39578584 with a photographer that is making huge wet plate collodions out of the back of an ice cream truck.

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