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Well, it’s a new year, and what new year would it be, if I didn’t get to take some photos of some of my favorite people? A couple friends of mine and I decided to do an impromptu photo shoot at the new years eve party we threw. Here’s the story we laid out:

Jesse and Andy are hanging out at this very tiny bar:
They’re having a good time, laughing it up:


Then, things turn serious:


Jesse, having won the fight, looks smug with this glasses and pipe. The glasses are a trophy from the fight, thus why they weren’t in any other photographs…



Anyway, hope everyone is having a good 2013 so far. I know mine is full of twists and turns! I have my thesis show approaching quickly! If you want to mark your calendars for April 5th to be here in Tulsa for my show, that’d be great.
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