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Well, usually, I try to keep the Mother Road Revisited stuff, and even my wedding photography separate from my personal blog or website. But, this particular story kind of applies to all the avenues of my life. Good friends of mine recently got married, and they asked me to photograph their wedding. Not only was their wedding on Route 66 (Gallup, NM), but it also was more like a photo shoot that happened to include a wedding. We did a whole 3-4 hour photo shoot the day before the wedding, and then still had more photos to make on the day of the wedding. It was the most prop based wedding I have ever photographed. And I had a blast. We ended up photographing the best man as a Snidley Whiplash character, kidnapping the bride and the groom saving the day. Anyway, enough talking about the photos. Why not take a look?

A Short Story from the Minds of the Armstrong Brothers

So,  those are a sampling of photos we took the day before the wedding. Here is a sampling of images we made the day of the wedding.


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So, Sarah and Chris Eads got married recently, and I remembered I hadn’t uploaded their Wedding Announcement to my blog for recent design. Sarah and Chris had some computer troubles with a few other designers…so I pitched in to get this done in about a weeks time. It was a fast time frame, but I think it turned out nicely. The photography is from Jonathan Edwards Photography

Anyway, congrats Sarah and Chris.


5x10 inches

5x5inches (back)

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Hello all… I’ve been trying to update my recent design monthly. So, here’s the project I’m currently finishing up.

It’s a wedding packet, which includes an invitation, save the date (which went out months ago) a direction card, RSVP and a program. (that i am about to start on.

Anyway, it’s been fun to work on. Ms. Clark asked for a simple, but eloquent 2 color design. Originally, I wanted to letter press it. (some day..i will get to do that). But the way it ended up was printing these on a nice thick paper, with a spot varnish on the words.

Ms. Clarks Wedding Packet

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