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So over the last few months I have been designing an accordion fold book to be screen printed for, oddly enough, screen printing class. The book has images in it that I scavenged from my grandmothers photo album of her father on a buffalo ranch in South Dakota in the early 1900’s. The writing that accompanies the imagery is her handwriting retelling the stories of why these photos are so important to her. By the end of the 2012 spring semester I should have an interactive piece to accompany this piece. But that’s a whole different story.

Anyway, if you want to see the making of, go here

So after….

20oz of glue
51 ft of chip board
612 ft of paper
140oz of ink

Here is the final piece.


There are also some detail shots here

Anyway, as always. thanks for reading! When I get back from my trip I’ll have some photos from a boneyard of sorts…more info to follow…



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So, Sarah and Chris Eads got married recently, and I remembered I hadn’t uploaded their Wedding Announcement to my blog for recent design. Sarah and Chris had some computer troubles with a few other designers…so I pitched in to get this done in about a weeks time. It was a fast time frame, but I think it turned out nicely. The photography is from Jonathan Edwards Photography

Anyway, congrats Sarah and Chris.


5x10 inches

5x5inches (back)

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This Christmas I designed a postcard for our family card. It was fun to be able to do a project off of pure inspiration and only have to art direct myself.


The card ended up having a spot varnish on the letters and a strip on the back for the address.

I was really happy with it, and spot varnish is alway a plus, right?

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