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Well, I have had a crazy few weeks. 6 cities in 4 weeks, 2 engagement shoots 1 wedding shoot and a holiday, what was suppose to be a break was exhausting. I did take a few days off to sleep, but anyway, I took Kurt and Rosey’s engagement photos in a place called the “neon boneyard” in Las Vegas, NV. We only had an hour, and the management was serious about that hour. I did a walk thru that lasted about 5 minutes, and then we were off. It felt a bit like a race in the moment, which stressed me out intially. But I am really happy with what we got out of the shoot and I had a great time doing it.

Anyway, here it is:



As always, there are more photos to be seen on my flickr site. I had a blast with these guys at the boneyard, hope you guys enjoyed seeing them



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Going on 2 weeks out on the West Coast, and as we drove down to the redwoods, I ran into this white VW Van.

VW Van 2

VW Van 2

The trip is going well, and I am really looking forward to being home, but San Francisco is really great, got to go to the art musuem today and see the “Stein Collection” which included some very interesting Picasso’s and Matisse’s.


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My birthday was a few weeks ago, and my friend Heather gave me a sushi matt and a book on making Sushi. So being the person that I am, I promised some friends of mine sushi this weekend. I needed to do a practice run. Tonight I had that practice run…and with all my free time I decided to practice food photography. And as it turns out there isn’t much to photograph in the process of making Sushi…but the final photo is pretty nice…so that’s cool, anyway, here’s photos from my adventure. Enjoy.

Cleaning the Rice

Drying the Rice

Cutting the Vegetables

The Final Philly Roll

So that’s it….if you’re interested in making Sushi, I recommend it…it’s not that hard, it’s just slightly time consuming….

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The day before I left for my home in east Texas for Christmas break a friend of mine an I went out to Picher, Oklahoma. We are working on a photo book about the history of this city in relation to the mining part of the city.

In the 20’s Picher, Oklahoma was a mining city for lead and zinc. Eventually the lead and zinc got into the water. Always a bad thing. Also, because of the mining sink holes started opening up all over the city.

This once 40,000 person town has dwindled to barely 100 people. My friend Neal and I have started out to document the sights in this city. Neal has done most of the work thus far. But here is a preview of what might end up in our book.

There are a few more at flickr If you want to see those too.


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