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Hello all,

I am getting ready to head out to California for the Palm Springs Photo Festival, and I wanted to be able to show some of my work in a really compact, efficient way. A friend of mine from PSPF last year showed me MagCloud.com, so I tried it out for my “The Mother Road: Revisited” Project from last semester.

And I’m excited to say the magazines came in! I ordered 11 to give away at the conference to gallery owners, so we’ll see how they work out, but if you all are interested in seeing it in a digital form, downloading a free PDF or ordering the magazine itself, you can check it out here.

The Cover of the Magazine

The Cover of the Magazine

The Magazine is Perfect Bound, so I was able to add text to the spine.

The Magazine is Perfect Bound, so I was able to add text to the spine.

Anyway, don’t forget to check out the magazine digitally! Just click “preview” on the bottom right. Also I’ll be posting about the printmaking conference in St. Louis I went to last week. Get excited to hear about woodcuts with power tools and Swoon!



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Well, it’s been about a week since I got back from Palm Springs, California. Every year this is a photo festival there, with workshops, and symposiums….all sorts of people are there. It was a great experience. If you ever want to go to Palm Springs, and are a photographer, I would recommend going to this. It’s the perfect time of year, and a beautiful city.

I was lucky enough to take a workshop with 17 incredible people, taught by Keith Carter himself. I learned a lot from all of the people there, and got to see work from all over the map. There were a few people who just got back from Cuba, a guy who is the photographer for an arcehological dig in Peru (from 3,000 BC I do believe)…and a few people who did hand coloring to their black and white photos..it was so inspirational.

I also got a lot of portfolio ciritques from at least 5 people. One of which was Frank Ockenfels III, and a wired magizine photo editor. They helped me figure out which direction I should go with my current projects and how to get my name out there.

Anyway, here are a few shots from the week. Visit my flickr for the full show 😉

Salton Sea

This is a fish at the edge of the Salton Sea


This is where we worked mostly in the day time with Keith Carter


The back of Keith Carters camera says "never ever, ever give up." We had just talked about portraits that didn't focus on the face.

19 people

This is how you fit 19 people in a 1 person bungalow.

Noah's Art

This is where a lot of art was built out of random pieces of nothing...it was fun.

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